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Cacao healing opens the door to your heart

Cacao is an incredible seed, a precious food that promotes an inner journey towards the depth of love. In Palenque and San Cristobal de las Casas we share workshops to elaborate natural chocolates and healing with ceremonial cacao for individual travellers, family and friends upon reservation. Cacao opens even the most armored heart, drives the manifestation of collective dreams, takes us to the center and brings calm or ignites impulses in a spectacular way. Cacao is a tool to deepen your personal work, it’s gentle and works on our emotions, conscience and sensations. It opens the door of the heart to connect with inner love, it’s a spiritual healing. Cacao is an ancestral medicinal plant used in Mayan traditions, to open communication and heal the heart. Cacao leads us to go beyond observing, feeling and recognizing the problem.

The tree generates prosperity for those who care for it and improves the quality of life for those who consume it. A tree of cacao needs at least 5 years before it’s ready to give fruits; to be able to create home made products requires a lot of hard work.

We have been sharing all the possible dimensions of cacao for more than 10 years, deconstructing errant myths and slowly opening the hearts of those who attend, to understand their immense contribution to the territories, their people and their palates. Yazmin waits for you to share this experience in Palenque, she is very passionate to travel around Mexico with luggages full of cacao. She is convinced our treasure is in the cupboard and she loves to keep honoring her roots and her familiar inheritance. We invite you to immerse yourself in this space of knowledge, narrative, practical and collaborative, where you can learn and savor all the treasures of cacao, wrap yourself in its aromas and understand its immense power.

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